Welcome to Enough Good People

This section is titled after the commemorative book Enough Good People, and presents the history and legacy of tribal involvement in the Lewis & Clark Expedition bicentennial planning and events.

National Signature Events

A map displays the locations of 15 National Signature Events during the 2003-2006 Lewis & Clark Bicentennial. By clicking on a map entry point you will find information about each including a title, logo, summary and description of event, tribal programming, and photo gallery.

Corps II Events in Tribal Communities

The list of events held in tribal communities includes the host tribe, location and dates of the Corps II visit. Schedules of programming and photo galleries are linked where available. A map displays the locations of these events.

COTA’s Cultural Awareness Campaign

The Circle of Tribal Advisors produced four Public Service Announcements as part of its public education campaign. You can watch and listen to the PSAs, which ran on television stations across the country during the bicentennial.

Lasting Legacies

Here you will find the enduring effects of tribal involvement in the Lewis & Clark Bicentennial – an overview of physical and programming legacies that tribes created for future generations.

The Book: Enough Good People

Reflections on Tribal Involvement and Inter-Cultural Collaboration, 2003-2006. In this section you will be able to open and view pages, or download the entire book in PDF format.